SMHC is an independentnon-profit business-to-business association

SMHC is an independentnon-profit charity and social welfare association

International network of contacts

SMHC provides to its members an international network of contacts and link aimed at establishing business synergies between members for a constant exchange of experience, projects and ideas.

SMHC has already put in place several social initiatives aimed at improving life standards throughout Mali by developing and supporting sustainable and eco-friendly business ventures.

Collaborative organization

SMHC is a collaborative organization always open to new members and focused on improving business relations between Switzerland and Mali as well as promoting new business opportunities.

Malian Individuals

SMHC is running with its Supporters the Development and Aid Initiative (DAI) by collecting natural produce in all over Switzerland and organizes logistics to Mali.

Malian Communities

SMHC is supporting the Malian Orpailleurs with its Partners in Mali and Supporters by using the network of Corporations, institutions and Authorities.

SMHC Office