• Representation of the interests of the members towards Swiss and Malian public authorities and other organizations engaged in Swiss-Malian affairs
  • Participation at events organized by SMHC such as business luncheons, round-tables on specific issues and business trips to Mali
  • Technical  Office  for  consultancy  services  for  the  development  of  projects  in  Mali  (upon request)
  • Regular Information about  all SMHC activities and about all Feasibility Studies in progress in Mali
  • Privileged Access to the SMHC Business Database which includes all affiliated companies
  • Representative Office in Mali (upon request)
  • VIP Access to the Bamako-Sénou Airport
  • SMHC Membership Card



Screening and acceptance of membership

On the basis of the information provided in accordance with the established procedure for application, Swiss-Malian Honor Circle will evaluate each candidacy according to its Criteria for Membership. The proposed procedure is as follows

  1. 1 The application for candidacy will be reviewed first by any designated membership officer of Swiss-Malian Honor Circle who will confirm that the application is complete and if not request missing information.
  2. 2 Once an application is complete, it may be then referred to the SMHC Admissions Committee for formal consideration and endorsement or rejection.
  3. 3 Once approved or rejected, the applicant will be informed of the decision of the SMHC Admissions Committee.
  4. 4 The decision of the SMHC Admissions Committee on the admission or rejection of membership is final.
  5. 5 If accepted, a Membership Form will be sent to the applicant for final membership registration and payment of the annual Membership Fee.
  6. 6 Once the Membership Fee is collected, the applicant would received a Membership Kit (which includes Membership Confirmation, Access Codes to the SMHC Business Database and the SMHC Membership Card).
  7. 7 The profile of the newly enrolled member would be uploaded to the SMHC Business Database.


  • Organizations interested to be members of Swiss-Malian Honor Circle need to apply for membership by submitting an Application to Candidacy form together with the necessary documentation.
  • All applications must be accompanied with a cover letter signed by the Chief Executive Officer or an authorized representative confirming their interest to become a member of Swiss-Malian Honor Circle.

Step by step

  1. 1 Application to Candidacy
  2. 2 Evaluation by the SMHC Admissions Committee
  3. 3 Membership Confirmation and Fee Payment
  4. 4 Full Access to all Membership Benefits & Inclusions

Download membership application       Here